Growing up outside of Washington, D.C. provided a rich mixture of cultural and political experiences that have influenced my work. We often visited the Smithsonian and the National Gallery as well as historic sites, where the objects, whether they be paintings, sculptures, or artifacts from daily life provided diverse visual experiences. Local news for those in my area was national and international news and this atmosphere continues to inform my work. I have strong memories of my father driving us by groups of people camped out along the sides of the roads in Washington during the Poor People's March in the late sixties. Later, I participated in antiwar demonstrations on the same streets.

After receiving a BA in studio art in the early 70s, I found myself working in various printing companies in southern Vermont as a pasteup artist, typesetter and code writer. I learned a great deal about carpentry when my ex-husband and I built a small house during these years. In my early thirties, I moved to Chicago to take classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Eventually I entered the MFA program in sculpture, graduating in 1990.

I moved to Flint, Michigan after graduation to take a job teaching at Mott Community College where I stayed for 20 years. I made much of the work pictured in this site during this time. The many exhibition opportunities in the area provided venues for my installations. I have been fortunate enough to find spaces to make work that have offered me a great deal of freedom to experiment.

Leaving Mott will allow me to focus on my work full-time. I look forward to the new adventure ahead.

May 2011